7 Best Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss and baldness, is a cause of worry for many, as this condition may also affect self-esteem. This condition is defined as a partial or total loss of hair on the scalp. While it is normal for a healthy scalp to shed old hair, baldness is caused when it fails to grow new hair. If you find that your hair is thinning, there are some techniques you can use to prevent hair loss as well as disguise your hair loss.

1. Eat healthy to avoid hair loss and to boost the growth of healthy hair. A proper and balanced diet can provide you with all the necessary nutrients for hair growth and even reverse hair loss in those who are deprived of proper nutrition. The diet should have high levels of lean protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Drink lots of water, at least eight glasses of water per day are needed. You may also take daily vitamin and mineral supplements.

2. WomenToWomen.com recommends phytotherapy for menopause hair loss. Phytotherapy is the use of natural extracts such as herbs to treat health issues. This is considered alternative medicine. If you are nutritionally deficient, this may make your hair loss worse. Improve your diet. Stress can also takes its toll on your hair. Learn to control your stress and this may save your hair.

3. For herbal remedies, you can have a final rinse of apple cider vinegar and sage tea to stimulate hair growth. Licorice extract may also prevent hair loss. Horsetail is another option since it is rich in silica. Just put 2 tablespoons of horsetail in 4 ounces of hot water and add it to your baby shampoo. Massaging your scalp daily with stinging nettle, birch, horsetail and rosemary may also stimulate hair growth. It also disinfects the scalp and increases blood circulation in the head area. Tea made from raspberry and blackberry leaves may also be drank or applied to scalp to stimulate the growth of hair.

4. There is another home remedy that can help you prevent baldness. You can prepare a paste by making use of red gram and pigeon pea and apply the paste in the bald areas of your head. Usually, the red gram is used as an ingredient for preparing a number of home remedies to nourish your hair.

5. Regular exercise is always advisable for all humans and it is also good for preventing baldness. Exercises can increase the blood circulation in the body and a hike in the scalp blood circulation is good for hair growth. Aerobic exercises are said to be beneficial in lowering the levels of androgens in the body, thereby preventing baldness.

6. Taking vitamin supplements can also help improve the condition of your hair. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get a daily dose of vitamins C, E and A.

7. Another hair paste can be prepared at home by grinding and mixing fenugreek seeds with water. You must apply the pate on your scalp and leave it for sometime before rinsing it off with water.

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