The Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essentail Oils are natural extracts of plants and aromtic oils extracted from different parts of plants.
Jasmine is extracted from Jasmine flower and pepermint is extracted from mint, Orange is extracted from orange peel.
Some oils are extracted from other parts of plants such plants legs, root and so on.
The aromatic oils was used in the fragrance industry and folk medicince since Pharaohs era.
They are used in natural healing branch known as Aroma therapy & in many ways and receipes

Lavender oil is very famous and most used oil in natural beauty and massage and described in many cases to help people to sleep and it has anti bacterial properties and used as burn soothing and in relaxation massage
Chamomile Flower:
Chamomile Flower is very effective againt infections, and to cure skin problems caused by stress such as drought,eczema, it is recomded to use it
This essential is extracted from the leaves and stems of eucalyptus or camphor, and it is rich with analgestic natural substances.
Eucalyptusis described as analgesic for headaches,muscle aches,
It is included in combinations of pain massage oils, and topical creams which are used in joints and muscle inflamtions.
It has antiseptic effect and it is also used in dandruff problems
Some europeans say that Eucalyptus is the natural enemy of cold and it helps to breathe during the cold cases.
It is extacted from peppermint leaves and has a refreshing smell, it is a skin soothing and used in many beauty formulations and as stress massage oil
It is described in Folk medecine as analgesic ans stomach soothing and in dizziness cases, and headachenatural analgesic.
It is considered as tissues astringent, and it hepls to balance oily skin and hepls to get rid of small bumps that appear on skin.
It is recommended not to use lemon oil when expose to the sunlight.
It revives the fatigue-skin and is useful when it adds to a mixture for cellulite treatment ( mix orange oil with massage oils and gently wipe over skin)
Homemade Recipes with natural herbal oils:
Hair Care/Hair Loss:
5 tablespoons of Almond
8 drops of Wild Thyme
Instructions for use
put the mixture on hair and massage your scalp and let sit for about 2 hours to penetrate in scalp pore
Skin Care/satiny and soft skin:
Put 5 drops of Rosemary with hot water in a bowl and cover your face for about 5 minutes
Skin Care/Facial Scrub:
Facial scrub is very important emelnt that preserve skin softnessand permanent luster so it removs the thin layer of dead cells on skin surface and make appear the healthy cells.
Facial scrub is ideal solution to avoid Acne appearance.
100 Gr of Green Clay
50 Gr of Glycerine
2 Ml of Eucalyptus oil
Instructions use:
Put the mask on face with gentle massage
Skin Care Acne/ vulgaris
Acne natural cure is prepared by mixing a table spoon of olive oil with Lavender
Instructions use
Wipe your face with mixture and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse your face with soap,This process shall be repeated daily
Tired Feet treatment:
Tired feet prescription prepared by mixing a table spoon of salt, and adding of a table spoon of sodium bicarbonate and 10 drops of Eucalyptus.

Instructions use:
Keep the mixture in warm water and put the feet for about 15 minutes
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